Calfarator water separator systems for cooling towers ( Reduction of TDS for cooling tower systems)

Separator System For Solids in CALFA“SEP” can separate the solids (impurities) in water in the lower, concentrate them in the bottom, and then drain them out. Using it together with our ”Environmentally Friendly Water Treatment , “CALFA BAS” coagulates and concentrates the solids in water efficiently, and extracts only dirty water with high turbidity and high hardness that can adversely affect the system.

Features :
  • NO BACKWASH or Maintenance is required
  • Automatic drain valve can be installed
  • Able to remove solids in water up to 7 microns in particle size
  • Heart Resistant 110℃
  • Low pressure loss: 0.12kg/cm2 or lower
  • Material : SUS304 Stainless
  • Pressure Resistant 16Kg/cm2



Rings High-Speed Separation Method


Automatic Blow Down System



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