Compress Air Purification and Measurement Analysis Systems

Donaldson Compress Air Purification

New, innovative filter media with alternative new coating, more filtration surface for dirt retention Pressure drop reduced by 50% in comparison with conventional filter systems Increase in retention efficiency Validated performance ac. to ISO 12500
  • Unrivalled ease of use
  • Unrivalled safety
  • Unrivalled high performance

Compress Air Purification


Compress Air Purification Filter Elements


High Efficiency Refrigeration Dryers



High Efficiency Refrigeration Dryers / Membrane Dryers


Heatless High Efficiency Adsorption Dryers



Heatless High Efficiency Adsorption Dryers


Heatregenerated High Efficiency Adsorption Dryers


Condensate Management Products


Filter Housing AG Superplus

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