Critical Process Filtration

Critical Process Filtration is a vertically integrated manufacturer of filtration products for industries in which filtration is considered a critical part of the manufacturing process. We serve the pharmaceutical, biotech, food & beverage, electronics and industrial markets with a wide range of filtration products and services.

Critical Process Filtration is dedicated to offering our customers superior quality products at the lowest cost possible. The industries we supply rely on filtration as a critical part of their success - our goal is to provide them with robust and cost-effective filtration backed with expert support. With a thorough understanding of filtration processes and labor inputs, we're experts at optimizing cost per volume and providing the right equipment at the right size and price.


CSH Series

Multi Cartridge Sanitary Housings


CSH Series

Single Cartridge Sanitary Housings, Inline & T-Style


FNM Grade

Nylon Membrane Media Filter Cartridges


PTM Grade

PTFE Membrane Media Filter Cartridges


Capsules Filter



SC Series Cartridge Filters


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