Inorganic Calfa Water Treatment

"CALFA BAS" A water treatment preparation friendly to the Environment. The conditioner for the circular cooling tower system accorded in the ISO14001. "CALFA BAS" is an inorganic product, economical, safe and easy to handle with remarkable effects, replacing the management of the circular cooling water by organic compound chemicals.
Features & Advantages:
  • Maintenance Free
  • To clean the pipeline. Remove all scales from Heat Transfer Tubing
  • Electricity NOT Required
  • Scale and Slime will become soft and fall off
  • To control the number of bacteria of the water
  • To suppress local corrosions with its rust-preventive off
  • NO Risk of Undetected Dosing Equipment Failure which often occurs
  • Reduces Maintenance Cost on pumps, Pipes & Equipment (Washing Fee)


Calfa bas



Calfa SAT



Calfa Anti Corrosion

Left  -  Metal Parts with CALFA BAS
Right  -   Metal Parts with Tap water only


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