wcf water filter refiner kit

In Singapore, tap water is safe for consumption. However, water filters are in high demand as problems of contamination still exists. Easy installation under the sink water filter is cost-effective and resolve concerns about space constraints in our offices and homes. Practical and economical, it is the perfect home water filter solution for your drinking water! 

Giving you the choice of micro filtered water, even at home. The Filtrex Refiner Kit contains a complete set you need for installation under the kitchen sink. Filtrex water filter solution stands out among Singapore water filters with the REFINER Ag water filter acting as a triple-action water filter system. Mechanical filtration action is carried out by a large-surface polyethylene fibre membrane (0.5 micron filtration degree), with a special drain. This ensures the holding of impurities and suspended substances in the filtered water. A following chemical filter action of adsorption is carried out by activated charcoal powder, derived from coconut, which eliminates excess chlorine present in the water and any metals or toxic compounds.

The AG principle, the silver salts with which the carbon is impregnated, plays an essential bacteriostatic role in preventing bacteria from proliferating inside the under-sink water filter.

Ideal for home and commercial use, whereby sink area is limited, our under-sink water filter systems like the WCF Refiner kit will provide you all the flexibility you need in planning counter space usage.

Considering commercial and residential demands for water filter services in Singapore, we established relationships with reputable brands to bring about convenience for our clients. Our range of water filter systems dispense quality drinking water for your homes and offices. Boasting of easy installation and top-notch filtration, Filtrex water products add value to your water systems and provide water filtration solutions to your homes/offices.

You deserve to have filtered water, contact us with your inquiries about our under-sink water filter solutions now!


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