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In industrial production, process safety always holds key priority. Moisture in the form of condensate poses a serious problem for operators of compressed air systems, disrupting efficient processing. BEKO compressed air dryers offer unrivalled process safety and many other advantages. They also save energy and costs, freeing up financial resources for investment in your core business.

BEKO compressed air dryers are designed for varied applications and industries. when it comes to manufacturing requiring compressed air, even the smallest variations in quality can have a large negative impact. BEKO dryers’ conception guarantees the required and consistent quality of the compressed air supplied to your plant at lowest energy demand. Filtrex Technology has constantly focused on cost optimisation and energy saving concepts. With our compressed air installation, we are looking at huge potential savings from operations and labour required for the processing chain to function as per usual. Our optimally planned and realised compressed air system concepts provide your site with certainty, we plan perfectly to ensure minimum modification effort to your current site for installation of adsorption dryers. 


Cooling in a closed cycle

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EVERDRY® FRP Series      

Cooling with compressed air partial flow

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Here at Filtrex, we understand and are experts at Compressed Air Technology, so that you do not have to. Our engineers are specialised in the available technologies in the market so that we not only make the cost effective decision for you, but the most effective solution for your site. Tried and tested process engineering, paired with the latest control technology, stand for the three variable basic concepts our provided technology holds that work ideally worldwide in any climate zone.

Designed for a fully automated and continued operation, you would be reaping optimised energy concepts for stable process management. Filtrex Technology supports you in every step and adjustments made for your plant to achieve an even higher level of efficiency. You benefit through our detailed planning, by lowering production costs and high-quality site efficiency.

Contact us with your inquiries about our compressed air solutions, or seek a consultation with our professional engineers regarding any site issues you may have due to a breakdown.

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