With an ongoing global pandemic and global warming, the question regarding limits of natural resources such as freshwater availability is raised often. Sea water purification is a cost-effective solution to ensure a steady supply of potable water and prevent water scarcity. Companies looking for treatment of sea water are now looking at reverse osmosis technology, a safe and reliable alternative which boasts of cost and energy savings.

Unlike what common misconception led you to believe, desalination of sea water does not only remove salt. The process of sea water purification removes harmful metals, chemicals, and bacteria that could be in your water source. Sea water is first passed through the prefilter to remove sediments and suspended solids. Our seawater purification systems adopt reverse osmosis technology to remove dissolved salts and other minerals from seawater and turn it to potable water for use in various industries.

Filtrex sea water purification systems are trusted and utilised by many reputable companies in varied industries. To meet the needs of different clients, we offer a wide range of housings containing different number of filter cartridges. Contact us with your inquiries regarding sea water purification systems or to seek a consultation with our committed engineers about our water filtration services.

Filtrex water filtration products include but are not limited to pre-filter, water filter cartridges, Seawater Reverse Osmosis, Sediment or Melt blown, Carbon and Activated Carbon and Pleated Filter. Our range of sea water purification system consists of the HHCF Series of FRP Filter Housing, with industrial sea water filter applications including Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis and Sea Water Reverse Osmosis pre-filter.

HHCF Series

FRP Filter Housing

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Filtrex Hydrodex HCF Series have employed the advantages of FRP material and used its special inherent strength and corrosion resistance technology to provide advantages of a superior filter vessel that is the best choice for our clients in Singapore. The Filtrex Hydrodex line of vessels and sea water filtration systems provide exceptional chemical resistance and outstanding tensile strength. Housings are constructed from a proprietary fiberglass reinforced plastic barrel manufactured with a flexible and fatigue-resistant vinyl ester resin, its seamless construction adding strength and longevity to your sea water purification systems.
Our FRP pipe testing include thorough checks for all raw materials and finished products against strict written standards. This is in addition to the final product – cartridge filter – quality control inspection, leakage and hydrostatic test. Our clients can be rest assured of top-notch standard housings, with Filtrex maintaining strict quality control for all purification equipment and filters we manufacture and distribute.

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